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The RMF promotes sport as a tool to facilitate the social reintegration of people with addiction and/or mental health problems

29/10/2018. Over 120 people will benefit from the Sport to Live programme over the following year.

The RMF renews its scholarship scheme helping university students to perfect their English

10/10/2018. 14 young people that come from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds will benefit from the initiative in the first term of the 2018-2019 academic year.

RMF: Scholarship in English for young adults at the British Council 2018-2019

The Ramon Molinas Foundation provided scholarships to enrol the ‘RMF: Scholarship in English for young adults at the British Council 2018-2019’, a program that aims to promote the learning and improving English skills of high-achieving university students in Barcelona that from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds.

120 Kafountine women have access to a community allotment thanks to Kakolum and the RMF

02/10/2018. The initiative will allow women to become more self-sufficient and increase their economic independence.

The RMF is collaborating with the Catalan Cerebral Palsy Foundation

18/09/2018. The partnership will champion the capacity of people with cerebral palsy to improve their personal autonomy.

#SpinUOC 2019

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) with the objective of developing #SpinUOC 2019, an initiative which promotes innovation, the transfer of knowledge and entrepreneurship in the UOC community.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation provides on loan 50 recorders adapted for children with hemiparesis over the academic year 2018-2019

10/09/2018. The programme, managed by the María Agustí Foundation and the Association for Child Hemiparesis, has provided a total of 90 recorders in 3 years.

The RMF launches the second edition of the ‘Career Services for Social Action’

04/09/2018. The project encourages university graduates to enter the field of social action.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation continues its commitment to the Babar Sports Association

02/09/2018. For the sixth consecutive year, the Ramon Molinas Foundation will continue to help to transform the social and personal environment of children and young people through sports in the area of Nou Barris.

Summer Camp 2018

The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborated with Itaca Educational Association to launch Summer Camp, an initiative that creates equal opportunities in education and leisure for children and adolescents in the areas of Collblanc and Torrassa in L’Hopitalet de Llobregat.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation Chair for Innovation in Applied Health Technologies (CINTAS-RMF)

The Ramon Molinas Foundation supported a research carried out by the La Salle Centre for Higher University Studies with the objective of analysing the clinical benefits of using videogames in children and young people with cerebral palsy as a new rehabilitation therapy. 

850 children and adolescents will get to enjoy Summer Camp, organised by the Itaca Educational Association

06/07/2018. The RMF is collaborating with the L’Hopitalet de Llobregat organisation to guarantee equal opportunities in education and leisure.

Theatre workshops for people with intellectual disabilities 2017-2018

The Ramon Molinas Foundation reinstated its collaboration with the Esmen Foundation and uTOpia Barcelona with the aim of encouraging the social integration of people with intellectual disabilities by utilising the benefits of performing arts.

The first two phases of pioneering research analysing the prevalence of child hemiparesis in Spain have concluded

04/07/2018. The study registered 310 patients thanks to the collaboration of twelve hospital clinics in Catalonia.

‘¡Grandiosas!’ 2017-2018, an empowerment programme promoting active acting for older women

The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborated for its second year with the Surt Foundation, with the aim of developing ‘¡Grandiosas!’, a programme which promotes empowerment, active and healthy aging, and equal opportunities for older women.

Musicando, music to change the perception of people with disabilities

The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborated with the Catalan Down Syndrome Foundation (FCSD) and the Joan Llongueres School of Music with the objective of forming a musical group with people connected to both organisations. The project aimed to change the perception of people with Down syndrome and other intellectual disabilities, increasing their visibility and constructing a bridge towards social inclusion.


The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborated with the Marianao Foundation to develop ESFERA Jove, a programme which encourages the active participation of youth between 14 and 25 years old in Sant Boi de Llobregat with the aim of empowering them to transform their reality and outlook.

A scheme offering recorders on loan that have been adapted for children with hemiparesis

The Ramon Molinas Foundation collaborated with the María Agustí Foundation and with the Association for Child Hemiparesis to provide on loan 30 recorders adapted for schoolchildren with hemiparesis in Spain.

A study funded by the RMF concludes that the therapeutic use of videogames can improve the movement of children with severe cerebral palsy

21/06/2018. The objective of the research, carried out by the Niño Jesús University Children’s Hospital with the support of Convives con Espasticidad (Living with Spasticity), was to generate a strategy that will help children with severe motor impairment to regain control of their neck and posture.

“Use of video games can improve movement in children with cerebral palsy”

21/06/2018. La Vanguardia.