The initiative by the Step by Step Foundation assists with the recovery of spinal cord or brain injuries.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Step by Step Foundation to upgrade the robotic exoskeleton used by the clinic to improve the quality of life and promote the personal autonomy of adults with neurological disorders from vulnerable socioeconomic groups. The cooperation between both foundations will upgrade the Step by Step Foundation’s exoskeleton to the Ekso NR model.

The use of the exoskeleton in the treatment of people with neurological disorders helps patients to develop the movements and patterns necessary to achieve the most functional gait possible. The device, which can be used standing on two feet or sitting, supports the user in an active, safe way to achieve a functional gait. The exoskeleton is also an excellent device to improve aerobic capacity and work with the force of gravity, and can also be used to relieve urinary infections, respiratory and cardiovascular complications, digestive disorders, pressure ulcers and osteoporosis among others.

In comparison to the previous model the Ekso NR moves more softly, is more adaptable, and offers better assistance for posture and balance support. The physiotherapist can modify patient objectives and levels of assistance and receive information, feedback, and analysis in real time.

Created in 2007, the Step by Step Foundation offers treatment to people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, cerebrovascular injuries, neuromuscular disorders, multiple sclerosis, and other disorders of the central nervous system that have passed the acute phase of the rehabilitation process. Patients are referred by their hospital or from other organisations. The Step by Step Foundation then makes a diagnosis, identifies the person’s physical, psychological and social needs, develops a personalised treatment programme, and monitors their progress.

The Step by Step Foundation acquired its first robotic exoskeleton in 2012. Four years later the organisation purchased two new ones. One of these will be upgraded thanks to the support of the Ramon Molinas Foundation.


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