Mission and objectives

The Ramon Molinas Foundation’s mission is twofold; to foster research, development and innovation in technology, and to help those most in need in society. To do this, the RMF operates in the following areas and ways:

Education and research. The aim is to provide students and graduates the means and resources with which to develop skills related to technology and science.

Community action. The aim is to foster the social integration of underprivileged people and groups, with a focus on closing the digital divide.

Means of action
The Ramon Molinas Foundation’s projects include, the promotion of, the collaboration with and the participation in initiatives of a scientific, technological or social nature. Awards, grants and subsidies are created in partnership with institutions to enable research projects, studies or programmes that are in keeping with the areas where the Foundation is active. It also involvescourses, seminars, conferences, meetings and other events in relation to scientific research, technology and community action.

To become a foundation of reference and example of best practices in the area of community action and technological and scientific innovation.



An innovative spirit is one of the cornerstones of the RMF. With scientific and technological development in its sights, the Foundation seeks to generate the synergies and ideas required to foster progress amongst people and society.

Learning, collaboration and tenacity
New things are discovered every day. What the Ramon Molinas Foundation pursues is learning based on collaboration, tenacity, initiative and curiosity. Keeping an open mind is the way to take advantage of every possible solution in order to reinvent the present for a better future.

Service to society and optimism
The RMF aims to satisfy the needs of society with great enthusiasm and optimism, prioritizing our choice of projects in order to maximize our social impact.