The ‘Home care programme for patients with social needs at the final stage of life’ will help 300 people in 2021

16/02/2021. The RMF and the Paliaclinic Foundation are renewing their collaboration to support socioeconomically vulnerable patients through their final stage of life, so that they are able to face the process with dignity.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Ictus Foundation to support the personal autonomy of people that have suffered from cerebrovascular disease

29/01/2021. 540 stroke survivors will benefit from an initiative that offers information, emotional support and neurorehabilitation.

The RMF and Roure Foundation renew their collaboration to improve quality of life for socioeconomically vulnerable people

20/01/2021. Help at home will care for around 300 people every week throughout the year of 2021.

The RMF and Friends of the Elderly fight against loneliness in elderly people in Barcelona

08/01/2021. 1,200 people older than 65 years old will be able to take advantage of an initiative that will provide telephone support to combat loneliness.

The RMF and the Àmbit Prevenció Foundation are uniting to broach the digital divide

18/12/2020. The collaboration between both organisations will encourage access to information and communication technology, and improve the digital skills of the women using Violeta’s accommodation services.

The RMF is collaborating with the Marianao Foundation to reduce early school leaving

02/12/2020. The School of New Opportunities offers educational activities to more than 70 young people to provide them with additional skills.