The finalists of #SpinUOC 2022 have been revealed

03/06/2022. One candidate will be awarded with the ‘Ramon Molinas prize for best project with social impact’.

The Annual Report is now available for 2021

03/05/2022. The Annual Report summarises all the programmes developed by the Ramon Molinas Foundation in the last year.

More than 500 people will benefit from the refurbishment of a secondary school in Diannah (Senegal)

18/10/2021. The initiative aims to guarantee quality education and provide a sustainable water and electricity supply.

The RMF is supporting the upgrade of a robotic exoskeleton for the treatment of people with neurological injuries

21/09/2021. The initiative by the Step by Step Foundation assists with the recovery of spinal cord or brain injuries.

More than one hundred young people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds will receive transferable and technological skills and technology thanks to the RMF

14/09/2021. The Comtal Foundation’s Technology space for social transformation focuses on programming and digital creation with the aim of boosting motivation and learning outcomes in the project’s attendees.

The Foundation is sponsoring an initiative to evaluate and improve a virtual clinic in the field of mental health

07/09/2021. Created by Aimentia HealthTech the tool uses artificial intelligence to empower patients and improve diagnoses and treatment.