Seven young people will complete the ‘RMF: Scholarship in English for young adults at the British Council 2018-2019’

05/04/2019. The programme will offer a total of 32 scholarships to university students from backgrounds with socioeconomic difficulties over the academic year.

The AVI and RMF support the autonomy of 50 elderly people with dependency, a disability, or socioeconomic vulnerability

12/02/2019. The initiative prescribes and provides assistive devices and home adaptions.

The ‘Support and home care programme for patients with social needs at the final stage of life’ consolidates its coverage in Barcelona

29/01/2019. The RMF and the Paliaclinic Foundation are renewing their collaboration to support socioeconomically vulnerable patients through their final stage of life, so that they are able to face the process with dignity.

The RMF empowers people with intellectual disabilities through theatre

18/01/2019. A hundred people will benefit from Interferences, an initiative organised by uTOpia Barcelona.

The RMF and Roure Foundation renew their collaboration to improve quality of life for socioeconomically vulnerable people

07/01/2019. Help in the home will care for around 100 people every week throughout the year of 2019.

#SpinUOC 2019 awards the ‘Ramon Molinas Prize to the project with most social impact’

21/11/2018. The RMF is collaborating with the entrepreneurship and transfer programme at the Open University of Catalonia.