Help at home will care for around 350 people every week throughout the year of 2023.

Around a three hundred people, every week, will benefit from Help at home. With the collaboration of the Ramon Molinas Foundation, the programme was founded with the aim of improving quality of life for elderly people that are socioeconomically vulnerable and improving their wellbeing with targeted actions in the home.

The programme, which sees to around a hundred people every week, provides support and services such as cleaning, preparing meals, assistance with personal hygiene or dispensing medication. It also offers accompaniment to the doctor, or to complete tasks or paperwork, and can also offer advice on these. Another aspect of the project is promoting active aging. Help at home encourages participation and a link to sociocultural activities that strengthens neighbourhood networks. Finally, it provides emotional support in cases where people are suffering from loneliness.

Help at home has another purpose. Apart from offering support to elderly people, it also has a team of assistants from different backgrounds of social vulnerability. The Roure Foundation trains and equips twelve women with all aspects related to the care of elderly people. The organisation therefore helps them, too, to improve their own personal situations.

The Roure Foundation has worked Ciutat Vella, Barcelona, in the neighbourhoods of Sant Pere, Santa Caterina and La Ribera since 1992. With 30 years of experience, the organisation understands the local area and the difficulties experienced by its inhabitants: the scarcity of housing, the aging population and the socioeconomic difficulties that people face every day. Given these circumstances, the objective of the foundation is to alleviate the basic needs of elderly people with economic difficulties and their families with its immediacy, solidarity and teamwork.


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