Ramón Molinas Belza


Ramón Molinas Belza (Barcelona, 1940-2012) was a pioneer in the introduction of information and communication technology in Spain. His entrepreneurial spirit helped him to develop a distinguished business career, achieving considerable success in his field through the generation of new ideas and having the necessary strength to break from old ones. This enabled him to progressively adapt to the greatest challenges of recent decades.

He was convinced of the value of education, perseverance and dedication as the driving forces in the development of people and society in order to create a better world. In the final years of his life, he focused his attention on managing the Foundation through its embryonic stages, fostering the development of charitable projects and promoting the training of young people in information and communication technology.

With these objectives in mind and in order to preserve his legacy the foundation which bears his name was established on the 7th of May 2012.