The Foundation is helping to raise awareness internationally of an initiative developed by the Kakolum association which aims to protect the rights of women living in the Senegalese regions of Kafountine and Diouloulou and help them live a life free of violence.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is returning to Senegal. By developing two programmes within the framework of the RMF Volunteer Programme – to support the improvement of the conditions of the community garden in Kabar and collaborate in the improvements made to a secondary school in the area of Diannah – the RMF will be collaborating again with the Kakolum Development Cooperation Association. On this occasion, both organisations will align with the aim of protecting the rights of women and girls living in the Senegalese regions of Kafountine and Diouloulou and helping them to live a life free of violence through the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights.

Under the leadership of the Kakolum Development Cooperation Association, the initiative will increase the availability, accessibility and quality of information on sexual and reproductive health and strengthen the services provided by health centres in the area in both towns in the region of Bignona. In parallel, the organisation intends to raise awareness internationally of the initiative. With this in mind, the Kakolum Development Cooperation Association will produce and broadcast a documentary to report on the status of sexual and reproductive health in the Senegalese department of Bignona.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation will then use the documentary to organise workshops in Catalan secondary schools which will explain the overarching issues and present the key concepts around human, sexual, and reproductive rights. The documentary will be shown and taught broken down into themes, encouraging the students to discuss the questions and issues it presents.

The Kakolum Development Cooperation Association promotes responsible cooperation in which the project beneficiaries have a fundamental role in the goals and execution of the project. The principal aim of the association is help improve the quality of life of the population of the Senegalese region of Casamance. The organisation focuses its attention on safeguarding, promoting, and defending the rights of women, sustainable agriculture, food security and environmental conservation.


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