The initiative will allow women to become more self-sufficient and increase their economic independence.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is returning to Senegal. By developing two programs within the framework of the RMF Volunteer Programme, the foundation will be collaborating with the Kakolum Association for Development Cooperation with the aim of using agricultural skills to empower 120 women that make up the Jamooral Women’s Association in Kafountine.

The community allotment for women in Kabar, before work started.

The initiative will prepare the community allotment for planting and provide the technical knowledge and the necessary tools to women in the area of Kabar to cultivate the allotment successfully. The women and their families will be able to keep the produce they cultivate, become more self-sufficient and earn a regular and sustainable income through the selling of surplice produce, allowing them to achieve a certain level of economic independence.

Aside from preparing the land for cultivation, and providing the necessary tools, workshops will be organised that will provide training on sustainable agriculture. Workshops will include technical knowledge that will allow them to maximize agricultural production, control pests effectively and follow the planting seasons correctly, among other learning points.

The collaboration between the Kakolum Association for Development Cooperation and the Ramon Molinas Foundation will provide half a hectare of land and aims to establish an action model that can be replicated in other areas of Kafountine and in nearly municipalities.


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