Participating organisations: Independent Living Association, SeniorDomo and the Ramon Molinas Foundation.

Implementation dates: 01/09/2021 – 31/08/2022.


Testing, developing, and consolidating an innovative and non-intrusive home telecare device

The Ramon Molinas Foundation will launch and sponsor a research programme that aims to test, develop, and consolidate SeniorDomo. The programme will be in collaboration with the Independent Living Association, who will oversee the evaluation process.

SeniorDomo is an innovative home telecare platform that enables the tracking and monitoring of adults who live alone in a non-intrusive way. The system empowers people to live in their homes more safely and prolong their independence without the need to live with a full-time carer or move to a nursing home.

The Independent Living Association will study the effectiveness of SeniorDomo for 20 adults across a nine-month trial period. The objective of the research programme is to evaluate and maximise the efficiency of the product to create a more sophisticated and innovative home telecare device.


SeniorDomo Prevent, prevention, production, and support everywhere and always

SeniorDomo Prevent, comprised of a smart telecare watch and a suite of risk-detection sensors, offers prevention, protection, and support everywhere and at all times. The device monitors the activity, behaviour, and habits of end-users to identify and anticipate abnormal activity passively, automatically, and in real time. Analysing the routines and habits of end-users allows the system to predict the status of the wearer and identify issues that might indicate a problem in the future.

The advanced telecare watch has an inbuilt GPS and a help button that end-users can activate in or outside of the home. The tool detects abnormal activity and automatically puts the end-user through to an emergency contact via telephone. Motion sensors placed around the home monitor behaviour patterns, while sensors attached to specific objects track whether or not they have been used.

Without having to install intrusive cameras or microphones, relatives and carers can be made aware of and monitor any unusual activity with a mobile app. SeniorDomo Prevent enables the complete tracking of end-users, allowing for personalised care and notifications to keep carers up to date. All personal information is kept safe with an account and password.

SeniorDomo Prevent also incorporates an intelligent telephone switchboard that will connect to a list of emergency contacts in the order selected in configuration. Lastly, the system doesn’t require users to contract any specific fixed or mobile number and is easy to install.


In Spain, 26.1% of homes are occupied by only one resident

The number of people that live alone in Spain has increased again over the last year and is now roughly 4.9 million. The figure, which has gone up by 55,300 people, suggests that 26.1% of homes are occupied by just one person, according to the Continuous House Survey carried out by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). The data also shows that 2,131,400 (41.7%) of people who live alone are 65 or older, a 5.9% increase from 2016. These older people are vulnerable to a worsening quality of life as a result of a decrease in their capacity to carry out basic activities day-to-day.


SeniorDomo, a start-up that wants to become a pioneering force in improving the quality of life of older people

SeniorDomo is a start-up that was created in 2018 by two brothers who lived through the aging process of their parents and were frustrated by the lack of existing support services to help elderly people and their families to cope. The start-up was launched to help bring about a change in the care sector and actively participate in social responsibility. SeniorDomo, which aims to become a leading solution in the improvement of the quality of life of older people, received the Ramon Molinas Foundation ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ in the #SpinUOC 2019 edition.


The Independent Living Association, an organisation launched in 2007 with the intention of promoting the use of assistive devices and technology

The Independent Living Association is a non-profit organisation created in 2007 to promote and evaluate assistive products and technology with the aim of improving the quality of life and autonomy of older people, adults with disabilities or dependencies, and their families and carers.

The organisation was founded in 2008 in the Centre for Independent Living with the aim of innovating social assistance in Catalonia and becoming a pioneering force in enabling personal autonomy. The Independent Living Association has 13 years of experience of overseeing care, training, and research projects. One of the association’s objectives is to develop research and evaluation programmes for innovative assistance and support products.


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