The project, by Ángel Puertas, won the #SpinUOC 2019 prize.

SeniorDomo has received the ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact’ in #SpinUOC 2019. The project, conceived and launched by Ángel Puertas, makes it possible for elderly people to live in their own homes for longer thanks to a home telecare device. The system consists of a smart watch that is connected 24 hours a day and proactively detects abnormal periods of inactivity or if the wearer has suffered a fall. SeniorDomo is then able to geolocate the users and can get in contact by voice, without the user having to physically pick up the phone. A team of social workers can keep track of user activity and prepare detailed reports that can be submitted to the families by phone, in person or through the app itself.

The ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact’ awards the idea that has the most positive impact on society and that enables the greatest social progression and transformation from all the #SpinUOC 2019 finalists. Xavier Cortés, Director of the Ramon Molinas Foundation, announced the winning project. The RMF director highlighted “the great social impact that an initiative like SeniorDomo can have in a country where millions of people over 65 years old live alone”, and has congratulated the winner for an initiative that “allows people to grow old in their own homes while providing reassurance for families”. The 2,000 euro prize was awarded as part of #SpinUOC 2019, an initiative that encourages innovation, transfer of knowledge and entrepreneurship within the UOC community.


‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ and ‘Audience award for the best presentation’

The eight finalists at #SpinUOC 2019 presented their projects during an event held at the Antigua Fábrica de Estrella Damm in front of 200 attendees, including many leading figures and organisations with the influence to launch or promote the projects in their fields. Aside from the ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact’, the ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ recognised the most innovative idea, and ‘Audience award for the best presentation’ allowed event attendees to have their say and award a prize to the candidate with the best presentation.

The ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ was awarded to Chordata by Flavia Laurencich. A jury made up of eleven experts, including Santi Ruana, RMF collaborator, decided that Laurencich’s motion capture system in open code was deserving of the 3,000 euro prize. Chordata analyses and records human movement by transferring it into a 3D model, reducing the cost by 50% compared to cheaper alternatives on the market. For the final prize, SeniorDomo won two prizes. Ángel Puertas received the ‘Audience award for the best presentation’, a category worth 2,000 euros.

After the exhibitions and awards ceremony, the finalists got the opportunity to attend SpinMeetings, a series of 10-minute meetings with stakeholders interested developing their projects or promoting them. The #SpinUOC 2019 event was hosted by Agnès Busquets and Alba Florejachs, with live music by Clara Luna.


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