The Comtal Foundation’s Technology space for social transformation focuses on programming and digital creation with the aim of boosting motivation and learning outcomes in the project’s attendees.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Comtal Foundation to promote the Technology space for social transformation, an initiative which aims to boost motivation and the learning of transferable and technological skills in children, adolescents, and young people from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds, supporting their further education and/or employment opportunities.

The programme is set up as a space that offers training in transferable and technological skills. The Technology space for social transformation focuses on programming and digital creation with the aim of encouraging vocations in science and technology. In the form of educational opportunities in the form of support, guidance, and teaching workshops, the initiative provides a place where attendees can focus on their professional and personal development.

The Technological space for social transformation, attended by 120 children, teenagers, and young people, is made up of four strands: training and learning, technology, community, and sustainability. Firstly, the Comtal Foundation’s training strand encourages students to learn through experimentation, curiosity, and ingenuity. The initiative’s technological focus provides students with the opportunity to access a laser cutter, a vinyl cutter, a 3D printer, robotics kits, as well as programming tools such as Arduino, Arduino, Scratch or Makeblock, among others.

The third strand is linked to community action. The Technological space for social transformation collaborates with additional organisations in Ciutat Vella to provide workshops in which the attendees are presented various problems and are challenged to come up with solutions using their own creativity and various elements within the classroom. The project hopes to develop stronger connections between young people and their environment and encourage attitudes and behaviour that will make them active, positive agents in society. Finally, the sustainable strand promotes the concept of “Reuse, Repair, Recycle” and encourages the learning and use of the circular economy.

Founded in 1944, the Comtal Foundation runs socio-educational community projects to boost personal and community development, focusing specifically on the social inclusion of children, teenagers, and young people from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds in the Old Town of Barcelona.


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