Created by Aimentia HealthTech the tool uses artificial intelligence to empower patients and improve diagnoses and treatment.

The situation caused by Covid-19 has affected every country in the world to a greater or lesser degree. The effects of the pandemic and the consequences of measures decreed by governments in an attempt to alleviate the spread of the disease has caused a worsening of mental health problems in both people who have contracted the disease and in those that haven’t caught it. However, since before the start of the pandemic, mental health statistics have been alarming. The World Health Organisation has predicted that by 2030 depression will be the leading cause of disease burden globally.

In response to this situation, the RMF is collaborating with Aimentia HealthTech on the evaluation and development of a cross-disciplinary screening tool as part of a virtual clinic developed by the start-up, which was awarded the ‘Ramon Molinas prize for best project with social impact’ in the #SpinUOC 2020 edition. Aimentia Health is a disruptive solution that uses artificial intelligence to improve the accuracy of diagnoses and treatments related to mental health, increase effectiveness, and reduce waiting time for therapy. The virtual clinic provides information to healthcare professionals in the field of mental health with the aim of optimising treatment and empowering patients, online and anonymously, by providing step-by-step, personalised information.

Aimentia Health provides a screening tool in the form of a chatbot that acts as a gateway to access the virtual clinic. Using the answers gleaned from a set of questions in the form of a conversation, the tool suggests diagnoses and passes on this information to healthcare professionals. With the support of artificial intelligence, this feature collects and synthesises information that is later used by healthcare professionals to make decisions on diagnosis and treatment.

The tool, which was created with the cooperation of experts in various hospitals, is a collaboration between Aimentia HealthTech and the Ramon Molinas Foundation. The initiative will evaluate the utility of the data collected for healthcare professionals, and financial support will help to build an efficient tool that will deepen understanding of the patient experience. It will also improve the functionality of the screening tool to collect additional relevant data, comparing the results with existing standards and optimising the technology used. These improvements will help to identify not just the current patient disorders but also trends that could suggest the development of a disorder in the future.

Founded in 2019, Aimentia HealthTech is a start-up that develops eHealth solutions in the field of mental health. Using artificial intelligence as its jumping off point, the company focuses its attention on developing a comprehensive solution to provide the best tools to resolve diagnostic problems and treatment of disorders associated with mental health.


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