Over 120 people will benefit from the Sport to Live programme over the following year.

Seven in every ten patients that are treated for addiction also suffer from a psychopathological disorder, according to the Spanish Society of Dual Pathology (Sociedad Española de Patología Dual – SEPD). The scientific and medical community has stated prospective epidemiological studies show that mental disorders usually precede addiction. With the objective of facilitating the processes of social reintegration and rehabilitation of people with addiction and/or mental health problems, the Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with Sport to Live to utilise sports to work on preventing these issues.

The initiative, which plans to help 120 people over the next year, has three programmes of physical activity in different areas over the city of Barcelona. Sport to Live proposes training plans of between two and four days of group physical activity per week, and sporting objectives depending on the physical fitness of each participant in the programme. All the sessions are run by coaches employed by the organisation, qualified in Physical Activity and Sports Science (CAFE) using sports facilities that are open to the public. After every training session, the coaches fill out a report that can be consulted on the Sport2Live application. The report helps to evaluate participants’ commitment to the programme and serves to predict possible relapses or psychological instability.

The participants of the initiative are linked to the Care and Follow Up Centres (Centros de Atención y Seguimiento – CAS), Adult Mental Health Centres (Centros de Salud Mental de AdultosCSMA) and the Mental Health Centres for Children and Young People (Centros de Salud Mental Infantil y Juvenil – CSMIJ), hospitals, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. The initiative helps to provide the necessary tools for the participants to rebuild their life based on the values of health, commitment, hard work and the ability to improve, and is instrumental in relieving anxiety and reliance on medication.


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