The initiative helps to support the employment of recent graduates in the field of social action.

ASSÍS Accommodation Centre will be the next organisation to benefit from the Careers in Social Action Programme (PLAS). Designed and launched by the Ramon Molinas Foundation, the initiative was created with the aim of supporting the employment of recent graduates in the field of social action.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation identifies the projects of organisations that are looking to hire for positions in the field of social action and take on the task of looking for the ideal profiles to fill the vacancies. The RMF looks for young people that are committed to working in a social field and that are collaborative and proactive, and presents them as candidates to organisations, who decide whether to hire them or not. Organisations are therefore able to benefit from employing young people that are exceptionally prepared, motivated, and capable of thinking critically about how to respond to current and future challenges.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation covers the cost to the organisation of the new employee for the first six months of the contract and supports the organisation throughout the length of the placement. When the six-month period has expired, organisations can extend the contract if the employee has proved their capability for the work required.

Thanks to PLAS, ASSÍS Accommodation Centre will benefit from the employment of an employee that will be responsible for the Women With a Home (Mujeres con Hogar) and Open Centre (Centro Abierto) programmes. With its roots in the neighbourhood of Sarrià (Barcelona), the organisation facilitates and motivates social inclusion of homeless people and raises awareness of homelessness. ASSÍS Accommodation Centre helps 1,700 people annually, of which 13% are women. The Women With a Home (Mujeres con Hogar) programme, which is newly formed, aims to help, support, and empower homeless women that are, or have been, victims of gender violence.

The Surt Foundation and the Marianao Foundation were the first two organisations to take part in the programme.


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