The partnership will champion the capacity of people with cerebral palsy to improve their personal autonomy.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation will collaborate with the Catalan Cerebral Palsy Foundation with the objective of promoting the development of people with cerebral palsy over 18 years old through leisure activities. The initiative takes its shape as a platform to champion the capability of people with cerebral palsy to improve their level of personal autonomy and independence.

¡Alive! Hago mi vida stimulates people will cerebral palsy to learn to discover and cope with new challenges, and flourish in everyday situations like decision-making, organisation, and learning about their environment. The initiative is made up of four parts: neighbourhood activities, city and weekend activities, IT training and artistic activities.

The majority of adults with cerebral palsy have lived life in a very safe environment, often overprotected by their parents or caregivers, which at times is not conducive to personal development. ¡Alive! Hago mi vida builds confidence in families by improving the skills and potential of the 25 people with cerebral palsy that will participate in the programme.

The Catalan Cerebral Palsy Foundation was established in 1996 with the aim of promoting and organising all types of activities designed to help people with cerebral palsy and other related disabilities, helping them to achieve greater levels of personal autonomy and social and labour integration.


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