Organiser: Marianao Foundation.

Collaborating organisation: Ramon Molinas Foundation.

Dates of implementation: 12/09/2017 – 22/06/2018.


ESFERA Jove, a programme to encourage social and community involvement of young people

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Marianao Foundation to develop ESFERA Jove, a programme which encourages the active participation of young people between 14 and 25 years old in Sant Boi de Llobregat with the aim of empowering them to transform their reality and outlook. The objective of the initiative is to contribute to the social and personal development of young people, getting them involved with the community in which they live. Promoting decision making, leadership and revitalisation of their environment, the project places emphasis on making young people the protagonists.

250 young people participate in ESFERA Jove. The programme works hard to generate a youth movement centred around improving their environment, neighbourhood and city. Running for six years, the initiative encourages young people thanks to volunteering, commitment and collective action, through training and learning skills that contribute to their empowerment, and enable them to instigate processes of transformation and improvement with autonomy and freedom.

The programme endorses youth participation as a form of socio-educational intervention that empowers young people and has great benefits. A generation of youth with skills in self-autonomy, leadership and entrepreneurship will be able to build a fair, free and supportive society in the future.


The initiative is made up of formative actions of participation, a project incubator and a youth centre

ESFERA Jove is made up of three initiatives: youth participation training and action, a project incubator and a youth centre. Firstly, the youth participation training and action aim to provide the tools to facilitate action and encourage the creation of activities managed by the young people themselves. Within this area, the Marianao Foundation runs a Participation Course, where young people are trained and work following basic guidance. These indications help them learn how to detect a social need in their close environment and alleviate the problem with the creation of a new project. The Marianao Foundation focuses on young people in the third and fourth years of ESO in local schools through tutorials that aim to establish contact with young people and explain to them what participation and community development means.

The youth project incubator, provides support to young people that want to develop a programme focused on transforming and improving the local area. The initiative takes participants from the organisation’s Participation Course and other collectives created for young people without previous links to the Marianao Foundation. The monitoring process involves supporting all aspects of the development of the project, and has a maximum duration of three years.

Lastly, the Marianao Foundation runs youth centre Lokal9. Its features, driven and lead by young people themselves, makes Lokal9 a leading youth centre in the field of community development. It is a leisure space for over 16s where facilitators work with young people who go there to enjoy their free time, addressing their worries and those of the associating environment. The centre organises activities and training run for and by the young people themselves, and spaces dedicated to counselling and guidance, and work on community participation initiatives.


The Marianao Foundation, an organisation for the community which develops socio-educational projects that have a great impact on Baix Llobregat

The Marianao Foundation, founded in 1985, runs socio-educational projects for the community with the aim of stimulating personal and community development, focusing on projects encouraging the social inclusion of vulnerable groups. Rooting the project in Sant Boi de Llobregat and the neighbourhood of Marianao is one of the differentiating features of the organisation. The Marianao Foundation was founded thanks to individuals, the majority young people from the neighbourhood of Marianao, that on a volunteer basis are looking for alternatives to the serious problems they have suffered due to the lack of equipment and social resources.

The young people of Marianao have occupied an abandoned property located in a deprived urban area and also housed the Casal Infantil and Juvenil de Marianao. Located on Calle Girona 30, it has become the first sociocultural centre in the neighbourhood Marianao. Currently it is the only centre specialising in children and young people from the area of Baix Llobregat, a region where the Marianao Foundation has considerable impact.

The intervention model of the organisation defends a presence that wants to be for the people, community-focused, educational, personalised and liberating.


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