Organisation: Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation.

Collaborating Organisation: Ramon Molinas Foundation.

Dates: 01/07/2022 – 31/12/2022.


Comprehensive companion care for elderly people suffering from loneliness, an initiative which cares for older people in a situation of economic vulnerability

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation with the aim of improving the quality of life, personal autonomy and safety of elderly people that are socioeconomically vulnerable, enabling them to live and grow old in their own homes. The initiative will also help to alleviate the loneliness and social isolation suffered by many older adults through companionship and group participation programmes.

Comprehensive companion care for elderly people suffering from loneliness focuses on providing help to socioeconomically vulnerable elderly people, many of whom are suffering from loneliness or isolation, in the cities of Barcelona, Sant Adrià de Besòs, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat and Tarragona. Those cared for by the scheme are older than 65 years old and have no immediate family, live in insecure housing, have mobility issues and are living off a very low income.


886 personas will benefit from the scheme, which focuses on two key areas

The programme, which plans to help more than 886 participants, focuses on two key areas. Firstly, the participants will benefit from domestic help, allowing them to live a dignified life at home. In parallel, the programme offers companionship and emotional support provided by the professionals and volunteers taking part in the programme.

The initiative provides help with cleaning, preparing food, assistance with personal hygiene, purchasing supplies or completing small repairs at home. The programme also offers professional services such as psychological support, physiotherapy and chiropody. Services are based on individual needs, are free to access, and are agreed on together by the participants, professionals, and volunteers taking part in the programme.

The Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation is made up of 524 volunteers who provide different types of support to the project beneficiaries. Through the organisation, volunteers make regular visits to elderly people as part of a companionship programme; accompany them to the doctor or to run errands or attend appointments; take them to group activities organised by the foundation itself; and provide care and monitoring progress by telephone.


The Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation, an organisation that provides care to elderly people

The mission of the Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation is to promote the wellbeing, social integration, and quality of life of elderly people and to protect their fundamental human rights. Created in 1996, the organisation accompanies elderly people in their process of ageing and self-care and works towards alleviating isolation and loneliness. The Avismón-Catalunya Private Foundation encourages volunteering, believing it to have the power to transform lives, particularly the social and community work lead by older volunteers. The social work of the entity is made possible thanks to the contribution of 580 friend and sponsors.


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