Gala: 20/06/2019 (Espacio Francesca Bonnemaison, Barcelona).


‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’

The Ramon Molinas Foundation and the Information Technology, Multimedia and Telecommunications (EIMT) department at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC) will award the ‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’. The award, the first of its kind, was created with the aim of recognising the fundamental role of women in the field of technology, emphasising that it is no longer an exclusively masculine world, and inspiring other women to train and develop their career in the field of IT. The ‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’ seeks to recognise, celebrate and award a woman with a long professional career in technology, acknowledging the success and prominence she has achieved in her commitment to the field. The award is part of the Equit@t Prize.

The award is named after the president of the Ramon Molinas Foundation, Anne Topping. Originally from the United Kingdom, Topping graduated with a double first in Maths and Information Technology from the University of Leeds, arriving in Spain in 1973. In 1980, Topping, along with Ramón Molinas, founded Internacional Periféricos y Memorias España (IPM), a pioneering company in IT infrastructure solutions.


Equit@t Prize

The Equit@t Prize is part of the Equality Plan of the Open University of Catalonia, an initiative launched to combat inequality between women and men in academia. One aspect of the programme is to increase the representation of women in the field of information and communication technology (IT), and work towards equal representation of men and women in both the academic world and the professional world of information technology.

In a field where women are still in the minority or their presence is difficult to detect, the Equit@t Prize aims to reward initiatives in Spain and Latin America with the aim of launching activities and demonstrating best practice in the fight for gender equality in the educational and professional worlds of IT.

There are two distinctions: professional and educational. The professional distinction recognises actions and programmes that promote gender equality in professional careers and academics that work in IT. The educational distinction, on the other hand, awards successful actions and programmes, both institutions and individuals, that encourage gender equality in the study of IT in non-compulsory secondary education.



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María José Talavera Carmona receives the ‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’.