Ramon Molinas Foundation and the Open University of Catalonia have recognised the Director General of VMware Iberia for the Equit@t Prize.

María José Talavera Carmona, Director General of VMware in Spain and Portugal, has been awarded the ‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’ as part of the Equit@t Prize. Awarded by the Ramon Molinas Foundation and by the Information Technology, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies (EIMT) at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), the award recognises entrepreneurial abilities, value, success and prestige of the winner achieved along the length of their career.

María José Talavera Carmona has amassed more than 26 years of experience in the information technology and communications sector (TIC). After graduating in Computer Science from Madrid Polytechnic University and training in prestigious business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and INSEAD (France), Carmona started her professional career at IBM, where she worked as a ‘Software Sales Manager’ and ‘Worldwide Sales Manager’. Between the years 2010 and 2012, she went on to become Director General of Compuware in Spain and Portugal. Since 2012, Carmona has acted as Director General of VMware in Spain and Portugal. VMware is a world leader in software development, virtualization and cloud computing. The company, which was created in 1998 and is based in Silicon Valley, is listed on Nasdaq and is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies.

When presented the award by RMF Director Xavier Cortés, Carmona encouraged universities to promote gender equality in technology studies, and women to believe in themselves. “Self-confidence is essential. Knowing that you can so something, taking on the challenge and making the effort, with the support of your family, friends or peers is fundamental”, said Carmona. In a field where women are still in the minority or their presence is difficult to detect, Carmona argued that “the potential of a woman should not be hampered by having children. Talent must be the only requirement to reach managerial positions”. The first ‘Anne Topping Prize for professional career in a technological field’ was created with the aim of recognising the fundamental role of women in the field of technology, emphasising that it is no longer an exclusively masculine world, and inspiring other women to train and develop their career in the field of IT.

The award is named after the president of the Ramon Molinas Foundation, Anne Topping. Originally from the United Kingdom, Topping graduated with a double first in Maths and Information Technology from the University of Leeds. In 1980, Topping, along with Ramón Molinas, founded Internacional Periféricos y Memorias España (IPM), a pioneering company providing of IT infrastructure solutions.

The Equit@t Prize is part of the UOC Equality Plan. As well as recognising the professional career of a women in a technological field, the initiative also launches activities and demonstrates best practice in the fight for gender equality in the educational and professional worlds of IT in both Spain and Ibero-America.


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