The Gender Project is a transversal project that will improve the access for women to different drug dependency, alcoholism and gambling treatment programmes that are offered by the organisation.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with Project Home Catalonia (Projecte Home Catalunya) with the objective of providing specialised care to women with addiction problems. The initiative will improve access to drug dependency, alcohol and gambling treatment programmes offered by Project Home Catalunya.

Women with addictions are one of the groups that suffer the most from social exclusion, social stigma and often have the most severe form of addiction. Yet throughout 2018, only 14% of people treated at Project Home Catalonia were women. This small percentage is due to the challenges experienced by many women when it comes to accessing treatment programmes, due to the double stigma that they face. Women with addictions are particularly singled out for using drugs and are blamed for failing to comply with traditional female roles. Additionally, women that enrol for treatment programmes at Project Home Catalonia are typically at a worse stage of addiction than men, and with a problem more chronic.

The Gender Project is a transversal project. The programme will create a residential therapeutic space for eight women. The centre will help to foster cohesion and solidarity in the group; to identify women are also victims of violence, sexual abuse or suffer from eating disorders among other problems in order to provide them with specific and personal care; and to support women with dependent children with the aim of providing a balance between their addiction treatment and motherhood.

The Gender Project will also support socio-labour integration, establishing relationships with external companies to encourage the employment of the women taking part in the programme, focusing on female-dominated sectors. Lastly, the project will also include gender equality training with the men taking part in the Project Home Catalonia in a step to help prevent violence against women. It will also provide care to the women who are partners of people undergoing treatment, who often have an active role in recovery.

Project Home Catalonia was founded in 1995 with the mission of promoting the personal autonomy and dignity of people with addiction with treatment, prevention and raising awareness. With a team made up of 160 professionals and volunteers, Project Home Catalonia guarantees personalised care for any Catalan resident with drug dependency, alcoholism or gambling problems. Since its conception, the organisation has helped more than 22,000 people.


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