56 elderly people aged 65 or older will be able to take part in a scheme centred around emotional companionship.

There are 24,320 people over 65 years old in Leida, of which 22% live alone (data: end of 2018). The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with Friends of the Elderly with the aim of alleviating the loneliness and social isolation suffered by elderly people in Leida, capital of Segrià county.

Loneliness is the subjective, unwelcome feeling of a mismatch between the quality or quantity of social contact that a person desires and what that person has in reality. Loneliness has a significant impact on the emotional wellbeing and physical health of elderly people. Emotional companionship and creating a network of support are fundamental in improving autonomy, trust, and community participation of the people affected by loneliness.

Throughout 2020, a total of 56 people in Leida that are over 65 years old and suffer from loneliness and social isolation will take part in an initiative centred around emotional companionship, with weekly visits from volunteers and a programme of social activities. Elderly people will benefit from the quality emotional relationships and companionship provided by the volunteers in the form of chats, walks or activities.

In parallel, Friends of the Elderly organises workshops and social activities. Meetings of groups of volunteers and older people encourage participants to connect with their community. Friends of the Elderly also organises social activities that help elderly people to take part in yearly traditions such as lunches to celebrate Sant Joan and Christmas and activities for Sant Jordi.

Companionship for elderly people that suffer from loneliness and social isolation in Leida counts on the collaboration of 47 volunteers that help to empower the participants to establish deeper connections and bonds within their community. Throughout 2020, the initiative is expected to carry out 26 social activities and 3 social events.


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