The Annual Report summarises all the programmes developed by the Ramon Molinas Foundation in the last year.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation has published its 2021 Annual Report. The document collects together and summarises all the initiatives supported by the foundation over the last year, as well as their impact and the financial endowments allocated.

The Annual Report 2021 contains information on the eleven programmes in the field of social action, the scholarship programme, the entrepreneurship programme and the investigation programme in the area of training and research, the project managed by ‘Careers in Social Action’ (Promoción Laboral de la Acción Social – PLAS) and the A So de Mar initiative.

Since 2012, the Foundation has worked towards the goal of promoting the technological, scientific and social development of individuals and society. During this period, the RMF has managed to help 24.510 people with its work.

You can read and download the 2021 Annual Report here.