The RMF is collaborating with the entrepreneurship and transfer programme at the Open University of Catalonia.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Open University of Catalonia with the objective of promoting #SpinUOC, an initiative which supports innovation, the transfer of knowledge and empowerment within the UOC community. For the second consecutive year and through the integration of the UOC-RMF Prizes with #SpinUOC, the entrepreneurship programme will include the ‘Ramon Molinas Prize for the project with most social impact’.

#SpinUOC, which is in its seventh year, is open to all students, alumni, professors, researchers, collaborating professors and administrators at the Open University of Catalonia that have developed a project, service or piece of technology that is both innovative and can be taken to market. Applications will be accepted from 7th January 2019 onwards.

After an initial phase advising on, defining and developing the business project over a period of two and a half months, a panel of experts will decide pick eight candidates to attend the #SpinUOC 2019 gala. The finalists will present their projects on 13th June 2019 in front of an audience of influential figures and organisations that will be able to implement or support them in their fields of work.


‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact’

The #SpinUOC 2018 will have three award categories, one of which is sponsored by the Foundation. The ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for the best project with social impact’ is worth 2,000 euros and will recognise the idea that has the most positive impact on society and can bring about the greatest transformation and social progress.

The ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’, will recognise the most innovative idea and award the winner 3,000 euros. The ‘Audience award for the best presentation’, worth 2,000 euros, will allow event attendees to have their say and award a prize to the candidate with the best presentation.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation, which is sponsoring the prizes, will continue to promote technological and scientific entrepreneurship to inspire and feed good ideas that will serve to improve society.


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