Designed and executed by the Step by Step Foundation, the initiative supports the rehabilitation process for spinal or brain injuries.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Step by Step Foundation with the aim of improving the quality of life and promoting the personal autonomy of people from vulnerable socioeconomic groups with neurological disorders that have affected their nervous system. Thanks to personalised, quality physiotherapy over time, the programme participants will be able to have access to a more productive recovery process.

The initiative provides treatment to patients with spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis or other disorders of the central nervous system that are at risk of social exclusion or are from vulnerable socioeconomic groups.

When someone suffers a spine or brain injury, the public health service provides excellent care in the acute phase, which can involve surgery and a comprehensive rehabilitation programme of between two and three months in specialised clinics. Once the acute phase has passed, people with spine or brain injuries no longer have access to specialised centres that offer personalised care and treatment at an affordable price.

The initiative provides comprehensive treatment. The Step by Step Foundation divides the recuperation process into unique zones and stages based on the objectives set in the assessment of each patient that take part in the programme. The programme also provides access to aquatherapy, and the use of innovative rehabilitation devices such as the exoskeleton.

The Step by Step Foundation was created in 2007 with the intention of offering a rehabilitation proposal based on personalised and quality physiotherapy for people who have neurological disorders that have affected the central nervous system to improve patients’ quality of life.


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