Organiser: Setba Foundation.

Collaborating organisation: Ramon Molinas Foundation, Catalan Federation for Intellectual Disabilities (Dincat) and the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (IMPD).

Implementation dates: 01/06/2021 – 31/12/2021.


Magistrales, an initiative to provide art workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities and professionals working in the social economy

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Sebta Foundation to provide art workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities. The initiative, named Magistrales, fosters empowerment and self-esteem and helps to nurture artistic talent. Magistrales also has an educational dimension that aims not just to reach artists with intellectual disabilities but also social educators and other professionals that work in the social economy sector.


A programme that develops personal artistic style to nurture talent

Magistrales is a workshop made up of three videos filmed by the international artist Jaime Súnico. In the audiovisual guides, Súnico introduces and explains his methodology for developing a personal plastic language, and how to nurture a personal style and artistic talent. In the videos Súnico guides viewers through a set of exercises and provides tips on how to work through them.

The Setba Foundation have provided all the necessary material for sixteen participants to work through two practical exercises put together by Jaime Súnico. For the first exercise, participants just need pencil or a felt-tip pen on paper. Once they have developed an artistic style, the second exercise uses the gouache technique on cardboard. The work created will be collected up and judged by Súnico, after which it will be distributed by the Setba Foundation to the Catalan Federation for Intellectual Disabilities (Federació Catalana de Discapacitat Intel·lectualDincat) and the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities (Institut Municipal de Persones amb DiscapacitatIMPD) in Barcelona.


The Setba Foundation, an organisation that creates socially inclusive spaces with culture

The Setba Foundation is a private non-profit organisation that utilises culture as a tool to support social cohesion and integration. The Foundation believes that art is a powerful vehicle for transformation and wants to make it accessible to people at risk of social exclusion, providing them with a voice and a means of self-expression.

With its headquarters in the Plaza Real in Barcelona, the Setba Foundation develops artistic projects for people at risk of social exclusion and believes strongly that working together helps society to progress. The organisation also runs the Setba Prize, now in its twelfth edition, a painting and design competition that gives visibility to the work of artists with intellectual disabilities.


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