Organiser: uTOpia Barcelona.

Collaborating organisation: Ramon Molinas Foundation.

Dates of implementation: 01/01/2019 – 31/12/2019.


The Theatre of the Oppressed as a tool for empowerment

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with uTOpia Barcelona with the objective of using the performing arts to empower people with intellectual disabilities and/or have experienced mental health problems. Inferences (Inteferencias) is a project based on the exchange of experiences through creation and artistic workshops. The project also accommodates people that are interested in learning more about mental disorders, pathologies that affect one in every four people according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Inferences is part of a theatrical movement called Theatre of the Oppressed, created by Agusto Boal in the 1960s. This movement analyses the oppression suffered by people and utilises pedagogy including the mechanism of liberation as a tool towards social transformation. Through a series of techniques including games and group dynamics, participants are able to reflect and analyse the oppression that they are subjected to, in order to combat it and become the protagonists in their own lives.


Interferences has a hundred participants, distributed into six groups

The initiative, lasting twelve months, has 100 participants distributed into six creative groups that work in parallel in different places and contexts in the city of Barcelona. This division allows for the creation and generation of transversal meeting spaces where artistic creation and the exchange of experiences are able to flourish. It also allows the generation of new forms of sharing, communicating and the creation of ideas that help the participants become more decisive and autonomous, providing them with the opportunity to resolve conflicts through self-control, self-confidence and self-esteem.

Interferences believes that mental health and intellectual disability is the responsibility of everyone. It draws from psychiatric diagnoses and labels to emphasise that all health practice should be the result of joint and complementary work, and horizontal articulation between different knowledge and subjective experience, including active knowledge of the people affected.


uTOpia Barcelona, an association that believes in the Theatre of the Opressed and the Oppressed

uTOpia Barcelona is an association of performing arts that promotes the Theatre of the Oppressed and raises awareness of the movement in society. It is a space of artistic creation and dialogue between people that want to generate social change. The association believes in the Theatre of the Oppressed as an artistic tool that helps the oppressed in their personal struggle, trying to look for alternative answers to collective problems.


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