The initiative was awarded the prize as part of #SpinUOC 2022.

GenomAbs has received the ‘Ramon Molinas Prize for best project with social impact’ as part of the tenth edition of #SpinUOC. The initiative, launched by Cristina Abascal, Laura Beltrán and Irene Martínez, offers personalised analysis on the genetic predisposition of patients with autoimmune diseases, predicting the success or failure of certain treatments using monoclonal antibodies. GenomAbs will therefore make it possible to search for the medical treatments that are most efficient for each patient. During the presentation of the initiative, Irene Martínez explained that “monoclonal antibodies are proteins our immune systems produce naturally to protect our bodies from foreign substances.” She continues, “Using biotechnology, we can use antibodies that have been produced in a laboratory, in a controlled way, with the aim of blocking the substance that is magnifying a specific disease”. Using a blood or saliva sample, GenomAbs applies algorithms and bioinformatics software to put together a genomic analysis specific to each patient.

The ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact,’ awarded with €2,000, recognises the idea that has the most positive impact on society and supports the greatest social transformation of all the finalists of #SpinUOC 2022. Xavier Cortés, Director of the Ramon Molinas Foundation, took on the tasks of announcing the winning project. The Director of the RMF highlighted the “profound impact an initiative such as GenomAbs could have on boosting the success of therapies, in the reduction of treatment times, in preventing side effects and optimising the management of resources” and has applauded the project creators for an initiative that “will improve the survival and quality of life of patients”.


‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ and ‘Audience award for the best presentation’

The eight finalists of the #SpinUOC 2022 competition presented their projects during an event held at the Antigua Fábrica Estrella Damm in front of an audience of 200 people, including many individuals and organisations that could help to launch or promote the projects in their fields. In addition to the ‘Ramon Molinas Foundation prize for best project with social impact’, winners were also announced for the ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’, awarded to the most innovative idea, and the ‘Audience award for the best presentation’, which provides the audience with a chance to have their say and choose the finalist with the most engaging presentation.

The ‘Prize for the best entrepreneurial project’ was awarded to TheKer, presented by Carla Gómez. A jury made up of ten experts gave the €3,000 prize to this advanced soldering and desoldering technology with the potential to revolutionise manufacturing in the electronics and semiconductor industries. AutisMIND, by Àlex Escolà, was awarded €2,000 for the ‘Audience award for the best presentation’. The initiative helps children with autism to practise making decisions and problem solving in everyday situations with the use of interactive videos.

After the presentations and awards ceremony, the finalists took part in SpinMeetings, a series of ten-minute meetings with stakeholders interested in learning more about the projects and the creators themselves. The #SpinUOC 2022 event was hosted by Agnès Busquets and Òscar Dalmau and accompanied by music from the Marc Uroz Trio.


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