Organiser: Institute of Robotics for Dependency (Instituto de Robótica para la Dependencia)

Collaborating organisation: Ramon Molinas Foundation.

Dates: 01/07/2022 – 31/10/2022.


Temi, a collaborative robot for care homes thanks to the programming of new applications and functionality

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Institute of Robotics with the aim of making the collaborative robot, or “cobot”, named Temi more useful for residents and professionals in care homes. To make this possible, the Institute of Robotics for Dependency will develop new applications and improve the functionality of the robot so it can better assist the residents in care homes and provide more comprehensive support to staff.

The collaborative robot Temi, created by the robotics company of the same name, was created to revolutionise domestic tasks with its high-performance functionality. Only one metre high and weighing 13 kilos, the robot has a high level of intelligence integrated into its software. It has the ability to live and interact with people by means of voice recognition or touch screen. Temi can navigate autonomously around interior spaces, avoiding objects and people by creating three-dimensional maps. Its design also allows it to carry objects and to make voice or video calls.

The collaboration between the Institute of Robotics for Dependency and the Ramon Molinas Foundation will allow for the development of software that can guide and accompany residents to different rooms within the building; automatically and continually gather data on the residents relevant to the GENCAT Quality of Life Scale in the same way as Newton ONE; establish communication between the residents and their families through voice or video calls; store and transmit information on daily activities and meals; and offer entertainment to help with cognitive stimulation.

With regards to the staff at the centres, the Institute of Robotics for Dependency will programme the collaborative robot so it has the capacity to take a daily register of residents, participate in group activities and provide information of interest to families during visiting hours.


The Institute of Robotics for Dependency, an organisation that strives to improve quality of life for people with dependency using cutting edge research

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency was created in 2015 thanks to the support of the Ave María Foundation. Based in Sitges, the Ave María Foundation is an organisation that has been offering specialised care for adults with intellectual disabilities since 1987. Throughout its history, the organisation has developed a large number of projects with the aim of providing innovative, practical, sustainable and low-cost solutions to provide clear benefits to people with disabilities, their families, and the people that support them.

The Institute of Robotics for Dependency inherited the branch of research and investigation which up until that point had been managed by the Ave María Foundation. The challenge was to continue to update and innovate technology within the disability sector. In just five years, the IRD had forged connections with leaders in the disability sector and with companies specialising in robotics, published articles in international scientific journals, presented at a large number of conferences, participated in the European Commission H2020 scheme, and worked with various European universities and research centres.


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