The initiative prescribes and provides assistive devices and home adaptions.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Independent Living Association (Asociación para la Vida Independiente – AVI) with the aim of improving the quality of life and promoting the autonomy of elderly people with dependency, a disability or socioeconomic vulnerability. The beneficiaries of the scheme are elderly people referred by the Barcelona town council’s social services, are not able to carry out basic, everyday activities by themselves, from low income backgrounds and require immediate help.

The initiative, which works in collaboration with other organisations and institutions, evaluating each of the beneficiaries of the scheme, collating information from their local health clinic, on their psychological state and the environment in which they live. The Independent Living Association (AVI) can then provide assistive devices and make home modifications that are personalised to every person.

After referral from Barcelona town council’s social services, the AVI reaches out to each beneficiary of the scheme and coordinates a visit to the Independent Living Centre. During the visit, AVI staff show, explain and assess the assistive devices most suitable for mobility, basic everyday activities, communication and safety.

Once the visit has finished, a meeting is organised at the user’s home to analyse the suitability of the recommended assistive devices and to estimate what home modifications might be necessary to remove the architectural barriers to personal autonomy in carrying out daily tasks. This part of the scheme is more complex, takes a long time to complete, and comes at a high cost.

To carry out home modifications and adaptions , the Independent Living Association has a team of professional experts that evaluate every individual to ensure that the changes made are personalised to suit the needs of the elderly person and their family. The team are trained in different specialities: physiotherapists, speech therapists, pedagogues, occupational therapists, social workers and architects that make sure that the modifications are suitable functionally and constructively.


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