A So de Mar

A So de Mar is an initiative organised by the Ramon Molinas Foundation to take vulnerable older adults on day trips to the seaside, with a full programme of activities adapted for seniors. The programme counts on the collaboration of with the Castelldefels Maritime Club and the Roure Foundation.

The project provides people over 65 years old with the opportunity to rediscover their connection to the sea. The project participants are typically socio-economically vulnerable, suffer from loneliness and/or isolation and have a medium level of dependency for carrying out basic daily tasks. They are referred from centres, residential units or non-profit organisations.

A So de Mar takes place at the Castelldefels Maritime Club twice a month. The day trips take up to fifteen people and include a walk down the Castelldefels promenade, physical activities adapted for older adults, workshops on maritime history and culture, and culminate with a social activity accompanied by a light snack.

The process of aging is a crucial life phase. A So de Mar was launched by the Ramon Molinas Foundation with the aim of encouraging active aging and improving quality of life for older adults. The initiative helps to alleviate the isolation suffered by many older people, offering activities to keep participants in shape physically and emotionally. A So de Mar also provides a space for older people to share their life experiences and support each other.


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