The initiative aims to promote equal opportunities and prevent children in care from leaving education.

In Catalonia, 7,400 children and adolescents live in care and in the custody of the Catalan Directorate-General of Children and Adolescent Services (DGAIA). Many have suffered from neglect or abuse, whose parents have been deemed unfit to care for them. In these cases, the DGAIA removes the children from their parents and places them in care, with the aim of looking after them while their families recuperate or until their parenting skills improve.

For many children and young people in care, challenging life circumstances have an impact on their academic performance. 80% don’t graduate from secondary school. Only 32% remain in education for the full 15 years, as opposed to 73.6% of the rest of schoolchildren, and the education gap widens as the children get older. Only 1 in 10 children in care complete a university course, while for the rest of children, that figure is 6 in 10.

The Daydream Foundation developed Ecudar Sonrisas (Teaching Smiles) to empower children in care and provide each child with the education to support their personal development. The initiative provides educational and emotional support to children and adolescents in care to help them to expand their learning and improve their social skills and study habits with personalised support classes and extracurricular leisure activities.

The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Daydream Foundation in the hope that 576 of young people between 8 and 18 will take part in the initiative throughout 2020. Educar Sonrisas seeks to take a preventative role, deterring children in care from leaving education and promoting equal opportunities for all young people. The programme addresses the needs of children in care through a comprehensive and coordinated approach from various public and private organisations.

The Daydream Foundation was created in Barcelona in the year 2,000. Inspired by an association launched in Monterrey, Mexico, the Daydream Foundation was set up with the mission to support children and young people from underprivileged areas and from dysfunctional families with programmes and projects dedicated to supporting their education and labour integration.


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