The School of New Opportunities offers educational activities to more than 70 young people to provide them with additional skills. 

19% of young people in Catalonia leave school early, according to the Statistical Institute of Catalonia (Idescat). This number places Catalonia eight per cent above the average across the European Union, according to Eurostat. The inequalities in education demonstrated by this figure will have no doubt been aggravated by covid-19. The Ramon Molinas Foundation is collaborating with the Marianao Foundation to minimise the risks and consequences of the pandemic by promoting the School of New Opportunities.

The initiative launched by the Marianao Foundation to promote the School of New Opportunities, an initiative that provides information and alternatives to early school leavers between 14 and 21 years old.  The programme offers educational programmes to build technical, professional and transferable skills, alongside offering personal development and employability programmes to support participants in continued training and/or a job placement.

The School of New Opportunities, attended by more than 70 young people, runs various forms of training for young people that completed secondary education without having achieved the Spanish Certificate of Secondary Education (ESO), who abandoned their studies early, or attended a special needs school (Unidad de Escolarización Compartida).

The Marianao Foundation, founded in 1985, runs socio-educational projects in the community to stimulate personal and community development, focusing on activities that encourage the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.


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